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How Can Your Current Portfolio Increase Its Purchasing Power Over The Long-Term?

Many investors are increasingly concerned regarding the volatility and future value of their financial assets, and wondering what to do.  To help address these concerns please note:

  • First, they must realize that their portfolio performance is dependent primarily on government policies to rebuild real economic growth and foster a healthy middle class.
  • Second, they should have portfolios that minimize perpetual subjectivity and repetitive needless / high fees.  For example, research below from the highly respected Vanguard Group, Inc.* shows that over the past eighty-three years comprehensively diversified, low-cost accounts performed about the same after inflation during recessions and expansions for those who believed in our economic structure and “stayed the course.”

Naturally, no one knows what the U.S. and international financial markets will look like in a generation.  However, we do know that those who do not start adhering to an objective and efficient approach now, will generally significantly underperform their peers and not increase their purchasing power over the long-term.

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* Vanguard Balanced Returns Brief – 1926 to 2009.

Important Note: Past performance does not guarantee future success.