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We can help to increase your returns and decrease your risks and taxes (when appropriate) by overcoming the three major obstacles to investment success: persistent subjectivity; egregious annual fees; and the current status of America’s financial system.  All Midwest Asset products are designed to simultaneously minimize the negative effect of these three barriers, and this comprehensive research process is rare among our peers.

For example, our first step is to eliminate needless direct and hidden charges as many long-term investors are losing up to 50% or more of their gains while required to take 100% of the initial and ongoing risk!  Moreover, above-average fees are usually the best predictor of future below-average returns, and there are more than $1 trillion in global annual unnecessary portfolio expenses.  This is the largest inefficiency in the history of the $200 trillion public securities market, and it is not sustainable in a free-market economy or impact investing* environment.  In addition, it helps to dismantle the middle class – which is crucial in a stable democracy.

To better understand the magnitude of your potential gains, opportunity losses, and risks just by controlling needless fees click here for a complimentary “basic” portfolio analysis.  If your portfolio exceeds $250,000 click here for a free confidential “detailed” analysis.

*Impact investing is a general investment strategy that seeks to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social or environmental impact.

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Objective investing

Virtually all steps in the portfolio construction and monitoring process are based on viable statistics and common sense.  All decisions are made on overcoming the three barriers to successful investing, and these principles are consistently applied to our specialty areas below:

As an example, below is our three-step process to build efficiently managed high-net-worth portfolios:

1. Eliminate egregious charges in relation to your opportunity loss.  Below-average aggregate fees are usually the best predictor of above-average future returns when all else is equal.


6.30% = EXPECTED Annual Return
0.50% = MIDWEST Aggregate Fee
1.50% = CURRENT Aggregate Fee

Long-Term Potential Opportunity
Loss on $1 million = $3 million

2. Develop a thorough understanding of your long-term goals, then allocate your assets to
prudent mutual and exchange traded funds.  More than 80% have outperformed their peers over the last seventeen years (independently verified) on a rolling ten-year basis.*  More importantly, continued relative outperformance is expected in the foreseeable future.

3. Systematically monitor your goals in relation to specific benchmarks.

For a basic personalized expected return / expense / risk analysis of your portfolio click:

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