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Viable research clearly shows that the two major obstacles to successful investing are subjectivity and high fees, and that over time most managers underperform investable indices by at least the expenses. All Midwest equity portfolios are designed to minimize these obstacles by adhering to a quantitative, systematic, and disciplined approach to identify and capitalize on meaningful, consistent, and sustainable inefficiencies.

For smaller, passive portfolios Midwest uses Vanguard funds to efficiently meet client goals. For larger, active portfolios our proprietary QuantVal (quantitative value) process is used. After conducting many years of U.S. "back-test," "real time-test," and "live-test" research we became confident that a 2.5% gross return over the Russell large, mid, and small-cap value indices is attainable. The data also showed that each could be achieved over five to ten years without increasing risk, or five years when all versions are held as a basket.

QuantVal incorporates price and financial health ratios in a time-tested manner. Please contact us for a demonstration regarding our step-by-step process.

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